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Are Hats Still Cool?

Looking forward to a sunny vacation at the beach? Packing sensibly is the key to enjoying a chic and comfy getaway.

In the tropics, getting a tan without the pain of a burn is mandatory. A hat will be a wise inclusion in your travel wardrobe to tropical destinations.

You don’t want to end your vacation looking like a lobster! One of the best ways to protect oneself in the tropics from sunburn and sunstroke is to cover up with a hat. What sort of hat should you wear then? That depends on the activities you plan to engage in.

At Turtle Cay Island, we offer a range of stylish hats, including Panama and visor hats for women, that’ll go well with any outfit. Be it at the beach or a day out sightseeing, you can don one of our beach style hats with élan.

The versatility of our hats allows you to dress them up for any occasion. Be it day or night, wearing one of our fedoras is a timeless inclusion.

The Panama Panache 

The Panama hat is, without a doubt, a fashion classic. For decades, both presidents and Hollywood celebrities have donned Panama hats. The reason? It is a must-have for your wardrobe because it is dashing, different, and unique.

A Panama hat is a must-have for fashionable men and women alike because it is one of the most recognizable, classy, and timeless fashion accessories in the entire world.

Panama hats are not from Panama, despite what the name implies. They are from Ecuador. Our Panama hats for women come in various hat styles and colors and are crocheted with a close weave and adorned with classy bands and charms to add a feminine touch.

Our Vivacious Visors 

We LOVE visors! Visors provide sun protection, which is crucial in the summertime. But unlike most other hats, they don’t mess up your hairstyle. If you want to spend the day outside, a visor is a lovely and practical accessory that is simple to put on.

Our visor hats for women come in various colors and designs, which is so much fun. You might choose plain white for a ton of flexibility, or how about a yellow one to embrace the island vibe?

There are numerous stylistic options available. Visors look fantastic at the beach, for workouts, as a casual accessory, and if dressed well, you can even wear it with elegant attire!

After learning about our beach-style hats, it’s time to shop our favorite options to upgrade your wardrobe based on your unique style.